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Tharston Past - Projects

These sections are what could be loosely call ‘projects’. Each of these has been a distinct piece of work, most of which are contantly being updated or added to.

Anyone who has any information, amendments or photos relating to any of the sections below, and is willing to share it with us, please make contact.


Tharston Family Tree

The tree currently features more than 6,023 individuals in over 1,972 family groups - available for viewing

1873 Modern
Domesday Book

Individuals owning more than 1 acre of land in Norfolk

Tas Valley Data Project

Tas Valley Data currently contains over 26,200 individual records available for searching in a variety of ways


Miscellaneous people on the 1939 Registration

Norfolk Postcards

A postcard collection dedicated to Anthony Thwaite

The Poplars’ Box

Documents that came from The Poplars on Chequers Road

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