Tithe Apportionment

Tithes were originally a tax which required one tenth of all agricultural produce to be paid annually to support the local church and clergy. After the Reformation much land passed from the Church to lay owners who inherited entitlement to receive tithes, along with the land.
By the early 19th century tithe payment in kind seemed a very out-of-date practice, while payment of tithes per se became unpopular, against a background of industrialisation, religious dissent and agricultural depression. The 1836 Tithe Commutation Act required tithes in kind to be converted to more convenient monetary payments called tithe rentcharge. The Tithe Survey was established to find out which areas were subject to tithes, who owned them, how much was payable and to whom.

Plot NoOwnerOccupierDescriptionCultivationArea
1Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersFurther fieldArableA9 R2 P20
2Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersMilling field-A8 R1 P10
3Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersFurze MeadowPastureA5 R0 P18
3aRt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersPart furze meadowPastureA0 R2 P14
4Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersGreat woodPlantationA10 R1 P2
5Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersDriftPastureA0 R2 P24
6Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersFalcon meadow-A9 R1 P16
7Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersFalcon fieldArableA8 R0 P30
8Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersUpper grove close-A6 R3 P23
9No record----
10Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersLittle woodPlantationA3 R2 P36
11Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersLower grove closeArableA6 R2 P24
12S PrestonDavid MorleyPart skittings PieceArableA1 R1 P13
13Benjamin SaundersZachariah CoppinFirst footpath pieceArableA3 R0 P11
13 AA4Joseph Grimwood MorleyJoseph MorleyFirst footpath pieceArableA3 R0 P11
14S PrestonDavid MorleyThrandeston pieceArableA5 R0 P36
15Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersUpper calves pightleArable and pastureA3 R2 P5
16Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersLower calves pightleArableA3 R0 P3
17Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersFurther long meadowPastureA8 R2 P24
18Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersCalves pightle-A4 R1 P11
19Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersLittle fieldArableA12 R0 P26
20Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersLower brantmere-A7 R0 P30
21Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersFirst long meadowPastureA7 R0 P7
22Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersFirst long packwayArableA6 R1 P38
23Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersLittle packway-A5 R0 P7
24Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersDriftPastureA0 R2 P0
25Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersSheds & c-A0 R0 P22
26Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersStoverhouse 10 acresArableA11 R0 P2
27Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersTen acres-A11 R0 P8
28Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersRot hillPastureA2 R0 P8
29Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersFurther rush meadow-A3 R0 P33
30Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersFirst rush meadow-A3 R3 P37
31Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersEight acresArableA8 R1 P36
32Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersGreat croftPastureA10 R1 P9
33Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersLower croft-A6 R2 P13
34Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersCorner meadow-A3 R0 P24
35Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersLittle house close-A4 R3 P31
36Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersStackyard-A0 R1 P8
37Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersPremises-A0 R3 P31
38Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersOrchard-A0 R2 P32
39Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersCart horse meadow-A3 R3 P18
40Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersOrchard-A0 R0 P17
41Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersMarsh meadow-A5 R1 P31
42No record----
43Osborne TippettEdward WrightPightle-A0 R3 P7
44Osborne TippettEdward Woodward and anotherCottage and Yard-A0 R0 P16
45Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersShelfkers meadow-A3 R2 P19
46Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersPightleArableA2 R0 P34
47Osborne TippettCharles HawardFive acresArableA5 R0 P5
48Osborne TippettCharles HawardStackyard meadowPastureA1 R2 P30
49Osborne TippettCharles HawardPremises-A1 R0 P34
50Osborne TippettCharles HawardHome meadow-A2 R2 P17
51Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersDovehouse meadowPastureA3 R2 P17
52Rt. Hon. J H FrereEdgar ChurchyardCottage and gardenGardenA0 R1 P38
53Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersRookery-A4 R2 P26
54Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersGreat home closePastureA12 R0 P0
55Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersBarnards home closeArableA5 R0 P22
56Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersUpper brantmere-A7 R2 P23
57Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersLinoky close-A4 R0 P10
58James Devereux Hustler(Hustler) Thomas RustKiln fieldArableA2 R3 P14
59Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersLittle lady's field-A6 R1 P24
60Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersGreat lady's fieldA7 R1 P11
61No record----
62Benjamin Saunders Zachariah Coppin Glebe footpath piece-A5 R0 P6
62 AA4Lord HennikerR FlatmanGlebe footpath piece-A5 R0 P6
63Benjamin Saunders Zacahariah Coppin Four AcresArableA4 R0 P29
63 AA4Lord HennikerR FlatmanFour AcresArableA4 R0 P29
64Reverend Thomas L FrenchEdward WrightGreen Lane Piece-A5 R3 P34
64 AA1Reverend Thomas L FrenchReverend Thomas L FrenchGreen lane piece-A5 R3 P34
65Reverend Thomas L FrenchReverend Thomas L French-PlantationA0 R0 P27
65 AA1Reverend Thomas L FrenchReverend Thomas L French--A0 R0 P27
66Benjamin SaundersZachariah CoppinField-A4 R3 P30
66 AA4Lord HennikerR FlatmanFieldArableA4 R3 P30
67Benjamin SaundersZachariah Coppin1st Timber tree close-A2 R3 P34
67 AA4Lord HennikerR Flatman1st Timber tree closeArableA2 R3 P34
68Benjamin SaundersZachariah CoppinGreen lane piece-A0 R1 P24
68 AA4Lord HennikerR FlatmanGreen lane pieceArableA0 R1 P24
69Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersBushy Pightle-A3 R2 P0
70Rt. Hon. J H FrereBenjamin SaundersLanePastureA3 R0 P1
71Benjamin SaundersZachariah CoppinFurther lane pieceArableA4 R0 P11
71 AA4Lord HennikerR FlatmanFurther lane piece-A11 R0 P11
72James DevereuxThomas RustGreat Grove-A8 R3 P2
73James DevereuxThomas RustKiln meadowPastureA3 R3 P8
74Sir Edward KerrisonGeorge K BlofieldThrandeston piece-A3 R2 P10
75James Devereux HustlerThomas RustLower home closeArableA7 R0 P18
76James Devereux HustlerThomas RustUpper home closeArableA5 R1 P0
77James Devereux HustlerThomas RustLittle groveArableA6 R1 P18
78James Devereux HustlerThomas RustFurther closeArableA8 R0 P8
79James Devereux HustlerThomas RustLower church meadowPastureA5 R2 P24
80James Devereux HustlerThomas RustUpper church meadowPastureA5 R0 P8
81James Devereux HustlerThomas RustDriftPastureA0 R1 P3
82James Devereux HustlerThomas RustPastureA0 R1 P10
83James Devereux HustlerThomas RustKiln meadowPastureA5 R1 P38
84James Devereux HustlerThomas RustHubbardsArableA7 R1 P8
85James Devereux HustlerThomas RustCrab closeArableA7 R2 P25
86James Devereux HustlerThomas RustPackway fieldArableA18 R0 P35
87James Devereux HustlerThomas RustBarn fieldArableA14 R0 P10
88Thrandeston ParishJohn Canfer and AnotherCottage and gardenGardenA0 R0 P27
89Richard RufflesJemima Wright and AnotherCottage and yard-A0 R0 P30
90James Devereux HustlerRichard RufflesPremises and CPastureA0 R2 P5
91James Devereux HustlerRichard RufflesPightleArableA0 R3 P38
92James Devereux HustlerRobert NunnPightleArableA1 R1 P31
93James Devereux HustlerRobert Nunn and Jonan CatchpoleCottage and yard-A0 R0 P22
94James Devereux HustlerRichard RufflesPightleArableA0 R2 P23
95James Devereux HustlerThomas RustLong meadowPastureA5 R2 P38
96Edward WestRichard RufflesPightleArableA1 R0 P0
96aEdward WestJames SpurdenGarden-A0 R1 P8
97John BondEdward WrightPightlePastureA2 R0 P17
98Edward WestAnthony Fodd & 3 othersCottage and yard-A0 R1 P6
99No record----
100No record---
101No record---
102No record---
103John BondEdward WrightPightlePastureA1 R3 P36
104Thomas NunnThomas NunnPremises and C-A0 R2 P23
105No record---
106No record---
107John BondWilliam PerryCottage and yard-A0 R0 P10
108John BondEdward Wright and Thomas BondPremises-A0 R0 P12
109John BondJohn BondGardenGardenA0 R2 P0
110John BondEdward Wright and Thomas BondPightleArableA0 R3 P36
111Thrandeston ParishJacob PerryCottage and CPastureA0 R0 P0
135John BondEdward Wright and Thomas Bond-A0 R0 P0
137James BerryJames BerryFieldPastureA0 R3 P4
147James BerryJames BerryFieldPastureA1 R2 P17
148James BerryJames BerryFieldPastureA1 R1 P12
149James BerryJames BerryFieldPastureA0 R3 P7
154James BerryJames BerryFieldArableA2 R2 P12
165James BerryJames BerryFieldArableA1 R1 P19
166James BerryJames BerryGardenGardenA0 R0 P21
167James BerryJames BerryPightlePastureA0 R1 P10
168James BerryJames BerryPremises-A0 R1 P24
340Mrs AndrewsGeorge CanhamCottage and Garden-A0 R0 P0
346James and John BerryJames and John BerryCottage and Yard-A0 R0 P30
347James BerryJames BerryFieldArableA1 R3 P26


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