THS Survey 2022

To help us to plan what we arrange for our meetings and how we take the Society forward we ask you to fill in the questionnaire below.

Please enter the information below (appropriate, constructive information only, please).
Responses marked [*] are mandatory.
  1. Name: [*]

  2. eMail: [*]

  3. Do you come from:

  4. Do you attend THS meetings:

  5. How many meetings should we have each year:

  6. Should we look to :

  7. EVENTS (Meeting contents - what kinds of meetings would you like to see and that you would also possibly attend?):
    meetings with guest speakers
    general meetings with informal discussion
    meetings dealing with family history
    other (please detail in comments)

  8. How do we finance the THS? Should we::

  9. Please suggest possible good venues for our meetings::

  10. Would you be prepared to lead a meeting?:

  11. Would you help run the THS?:

  12. May we contact you about your responses?:

  13. Comments, anything further to add::


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