Tharston History Society

This site is not the official one for the Tharston History Society.

On 10th September 2022 the Tharston Fete will be held at Wheeler Barn. A quiz has been set which has questions on local history and people, all the answers can be found on this website. Download the quiz here.

Either bring your sheet with answers to the fete with a £1 donation or collect a copy of the quiz at the fete for the £1 donation and by 17th September take your answers to Chris Lawson, Holbrook, The Street, Tharston NR15 2YP.

The winner will be the person with the most correct answers or, if there is more than one person with the same score, the winner will be drawn. The winner will be informed as soon as possible after 17th.

The official Tharston History Society site can be found at

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