Wortham Sign


What this song is and where it came from .....


Once more we have to tell of a cruel and wicked deed,
Committed on a Norfolk village green,
Where a country butchers wife has lost her life,
All wonder what the motive could have been.
After toiling hard all day, the poor soul took her way
To the the village inn to fetch her supper beer,
With spirits light and gay she homeward took her way
Not dreaming that her enemy was near.

Chorus -

Now the husband bows his head, for his loving wife is dead,
By the hand of some cruel villain from him torn
While his little children's left, of a mother's love bereft,
And are crying, daddy where is mother gone.

The anxious husband waits, little dreaming of the fate,
That's befell his darling wife while on her way,
He waited there in vain, for alas she never came
Till her absence seemed to fill him with dismay,
She should not be gone so long, there must be something wrong,
So to the Dolphin Inn he took his way,
She had left for home they said, the news filled him with dread,
I must search until I find her he did say.

They searched the country round, when his loving wife was found
Cruelly murdered on the village green,
By some base villains knife she has lost her life,
It must have been a sad and dreadful scene,
Her smiling face they'll miss in the neighbourhood of Diss,
Respected by her friends both far and near,
And sympathising friends a helping hand will lend
To comfort those that's left behind in tears.

They've taken a man named Nunn, and if the crime he's done,
He must have had a heart as hard as stone,
For this crime so base and vile he will have to stand his trial,
When if innocent or guilty will be shown,
And if guilty of this crime which will be cleared up in time,
Upon the scaffold for his deeds he'll pay,
A villain so vile should be quickly brought to trial
Though hanging's far too good for him we say.

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