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A brief family tree of the family of Eliza Dixon, the woman murdered in Wortham on Sunday, 9th July 1899

by Nigel Peacock

This page is gradually being put together from a variety of sources and will take some time to complete, if it ever becomes complete! If anyone has any further information, additions or errors, about those named please make contact.

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Eliza’s inlaws

Robert DIXON (1823-1906)

= Susan BUCK (1830-1912) - there is some confusion as to the actual surname of Susan, there being some references to it being COCK but the later (more reliable?) ones for it being BUCK

Robert and Susan’s children (4)

Mary Ann DIXON (1851-1908)

Eliza DIXON (1854-1928)

Clara DIXON (1855-1924)

James DIXON (1868-????)

Eliza’s parents

Jonathan (John) RODWELL (1838-1920)

= Emma CIVIL(1839-1922)

Jonathan and Emma’s children (2?)

Henry RODWELL (1859-1913?)

Emma RODWELL (1862-1938)

Eliza RODWELL (1864-1899)

Alice RODWELL (1866-1939)

Samuel RODWELL (1868-1955)

Edith RODWELL (1871-1956?)

George RODWELL (1873-1923?)

John RODWELL (1876-1923)

James DIXON (1868-????)

= Eliza RODWELL (1864-1899)

James and Eliza’s children (6)

Olive May DIXON (1892-1987?)

William George DIXON (1893-1963)

Leonard Robert DIXON (1894-1968)

Edith Lilian DIXON (1896-1924)

Christopher James DIXON (1897-1918)

Susan Emma DIXON (1898-????)


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