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Tharston 1939 Registration

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2863511CLEGG JohnM29.03.1869WClerk in Holy Orders, Vicar of ParishTharston Vicarage, Tharston-
2863621CLEGG Margaret A F01.03.1904STeacher classical mistressTharston Vicarage, Tharston-
2863731CLEGG KiraF02.07.1909MUnpaid domestic dutiesTharston Vicarage, Tharston-
2863841CLEGG Nicholas PM24.05.1936SUnder school ageTharston Vicarage, Tharston-
2863952SMITH CharlieM24.03.1887MFarm labourerNear School, Tharston-
2864062SMITH HarriettF23.06.1877MHousehold duties unpaidNear School, Tharston-
2864173SHEMMING Charles F M07.05.1895MGeneral road workerWayside, Tharston-
2864283SHEMMING Alice IF22.04.1901MUnpaid domestic dutiesWayside, Tharston-
2864393SHEMMING Ina EF08.09.1927SAt schoolWayside, Tharston-
28644104POTTER NathanM22.05.1861MRetired farm workerWayside, Tharston-
28645114POTTER MargaretF31.05.1864MUnpaid domestic dutiesWayside, Tharston-
28646125KNIVETT Frederick I M17.08.1893MHairdresserWayside, Tharston-
28647135WARD Ada F F22.01.1906SHousekeeperWayside, Tharston-
28648146POLLARD Charles S M02.06.1886MBuilders labourerStreet, Tharston-
28649156POLLARD Alice MF15.08.1881MUnpaid housewifeStreet, Tharston-
28650167BURGESS Daniel JM01.03.1864SFarm worker - retiredStreet, Tharston-
28651178DURRANT Elizabeth C F17.04.1868WHousekeeperOrchards, Tharston-
28652188DURRANT Russell A M06.01.1899SFarm carterOrchards, Tharston-
28653199DUNNETT Sarah AF27.07.1859WDomestic dutiesBungalow, Tharston-
286542010SMITH George WM09.04.1874MFarmerWillow Farm, Tharston-
286552110WARD Ethel MF05.04.1883SUnpaid domestic dutiesWillow Farm, Tharston-
286562211HOOTON HenryM30.11.1868MBusiness manager - retiredIvy Farm, Tharston-
286572311HOOTON Janet S F29.10.1876MUnpaid domestic dutiesIvy Farm, Tharston-
286582412SEAMAN Francis JM16.10.1869WFarm worker - retiredStreet, Tharston-
286592513BROOKES HarryM13.08.1902MLand worker heavy workStreet, Tharston-
286602613BROOKES Laura E M F04.08.1904MUnpaid domestic dutiesStreet, Tharston-
286612713BROOKES Margaret IF18.11.1930SAt schoolStreet, Tharston-
286622813BROOKES Gordon DM04.07.1932SAt schoolStreet, Tharston-
286632914RICHES CharlesM07.04.1876MFarmerStreet Farm, Tharston-
286643014RICHES AnneF09.06.1881MUnpaid domestic dutiesStreet Farm, Tharston-
286653114RICHES RobertM08.07.1916SFarmers assistantStreet Farm, Tharston-
286663215GOWING William S M28.04.1896MHaulage contractorLaurels, TharstonWartime role: Observer corps
286673315GOWING Hilda AF06.04.1902MUnpaid domestic dutiesLaurels, TharstonWartime role: Womens Voluntary Service
286683415GOWING Michael W JM30.06.1930SAt schoolLaurels, Tharston-
286693515PIDGEON Walter H M21.05.1893SLorry mateLaurels, Tharston-
286703616GOATE ElizabethF12.02.1862WOld age pensionerStreet, Tharston-
286713716TUNMORE Percy E M28.01.1906MPipe joiner & mixer driverStreet, Tharston-
286723816TUNMORE Violet MF16.06.1911MUnpaid domestic dutiesStreet, Tharston-
286733916TUNMORE Percival B M17.02.1929SAt schoolStreet, Tharston-
286744016TUNMORE Basil GM29.08.1931SAt schoolStreet, Tharston-
286754116TUNMORE Pamela RF14.05.1938SUnder school ageStreet, Tharston-
286764217BROOKES JamesM01.07.1872MRetired railway manStreet, Tharston-
286774317BROOKES Edith RF03.11.1872MUnpaid domestic dutiesStreet, Tharston-
286784417BROOKES Claude O M05.09.1904SFarm worker heavy workerStreet, TharstonWartime role: A.R.P. Warden (Parttime)
286794517BROOKES Margaret A HF12.04.1908SDomestic workerStreet, Tharston-
286804617BROOKES Ernest G M22.12.1912SFarm worker cowman heavy workerStreet, Tharston-
286814717BROOKES Cyril EM01.01.1916SFarm worker heavy workStreet, Tharston-
286824818THORPE Elizabeth M EF05.04.1870WHouse dutiesStreet, Tharston-
286834918THORPE Margery JF21.12.1908SHouse dutiesStreet, Tharston-
286845019FULLER EthelF31.12.1893MUnpaid domestic dutiesWood Cottages, Tharston-
286855119FULLER Henry R Jun.M10.07.1894MFarm labourer heavy workerWood Cottages, Tharston-
286865219FULLER Henry RM12.01.1857WRetired horsemanWood Cottages, Tharston-
286875319FULLER Gerald HM13.11.1922SLabourerWood Cottages, Tharston-
286885419FULLER Peter RM31.08.1931SAt schoolWood Cottages, Tharston-
286895520GULL Thomas CM27.01.1879MRailway signal fitterRailway Cottages, Tharston-
286905620GULL Florence MF25.04.1894MUnpaid domestic dutiesRailway Cottages, Tharston-
286915721CULLUM ArthurM10.12.1867WRetired--
286925822CRAIGS JosephM26.06.1892MFarmerHorsenford Farm, Tharston-
286935922CRAIGS Annie MF26.06.1892MHousewifeHorsenford Farm, Tharston-
286946022CRAIGS Joseph AM20.06.1925SErand boyHorsenford Farm, Tharston-
286956123BARHAM Geo HM14.19.1885MLicensee & small holderQueens Head Inn, Tharston-
286966223BARHAM Alice MF26.10.1888MDomestic dutiesQueens Head Inn, Tharston-
286976323BARHAM Eileen Violet MayF16.04.1914MDomestic dutiesQueens Head Inn, Tharston-
286986423BARHAM Kathleen MF23.08.1915SDressmaker-cutterQueens Head Inn, Tharston-
286996524BOWMAN EdwardM07.11.1861MFarm labourerCottages, Tharston-
287006624BOWMAN ElizabethF04.08.1871MUnpaid domestic dutiesCottages, Tharston-
287016724BOWMAN Raymond CM20.04.1913SCowmanCottages, Tharston-
287026824BOWMAN James GM28.04.1914SBuilders labourerCottages, Tharston-
287036925WATSON Ernest P CM11.09.1878MButcher now general labourerCottages, Tharston-
287047026BRIGHTON Geo DM15.09.1889MFarmer & riding instructorFarm, TharstonWartime role: Special Constable
287057126BRIGHTON Ellen MF22.03.1888MUnpaid domestic dutiesFarm, Tharston-
287067226STUART Noelle MF15.12.1896MUnpaid domestic dutiesFarm, Tharston-
287077327PALMER Ernest JM22.10.1894MFarmerLower Tharston, Tharston-
287087427PALMER KathleenF04.11.1901MUnpaid domestic dutiesLower Tharston, Tharston-
287097527PALMER ThelmaF31.12.1922MAssisting fatherLower Tharston, Tharston-
287107627PALMER Cherry AF18.03.1930SAt schoolLower Tharston, Tharston-
287117728BARNES Robert CM27.10.1891MDairy farmerMill Farm, Tharston-
287127828BARNES Mabel E E F12.12.1890MUnpaid domestic dutiesMill Farm, Tharston-
287137928BARNES Rosanna CF05.08.1921SAssisting fatherMill Farm, Tharston-
287148028BARNES Margaret EF18.07.1934SUnder school ageMill Farm, Tharston-
287158129DUFFIELD Harry T SM02.10.1904MMiller & merchant Managing DirectorMill House, Tharston-
287168229DUFFIELD Dorothea A J F28.01.1907MUnpaid domestic dutiesMill House, TharstonWartime role: Nursing Auxillary
287178330CHATTEN WilliamM08.09.1886MLengthman on LNERMill Cottage, Tharston-
287188430CHATTEN Ruth GladysF01.02.1893MUnpaid domestic dutiesMill Cottage, Tharston-
287198530CHATTEN Gordon H M21.12.1929SAt schoolMill Cottage, Tharston-
287208631SMITHSON Horace HM31.04.1881MPolice inspector (retired)Riverside, TharstonWartime role: Senior Air Raid Warden
287218731SMITHSON Eva JF19.03.1882MUnpaid domestic dutiesRiverside, TharstonWartime role: V.A.D. Long Stratton
287228831SMITHSON Mary AF09.08.1844WIncapacitated old ageRiverside, Tharston-
287238931SMITHSON Gladys NF25.02.1915SChildrens nurseRiverside, Tharston-
287249072TIDMAN Reginald BM31.01.1909MPrivate gardenerTasburgh Lodge E, Tharston-
287259172TIDMAN Gladys HF15.09.1909MUnpaid domestic dutiesTasburgh Lodge E, Tharston-
287269273NOBBS Edgar WM31.10.1893MPrivate chaffeurTasburgh Lodge West, TharstonWartime role: A.R.P. Service
287279373NOBBS Alice MF06.05.1890MUnpaid domestic dutiesTasburgh Lodge West, Tharston-
287289474GOOSE Edward AM21.02.1881MRoadman NCC heavyTasburgh Road Cottages, Tharston, Tharston-
287299574GOOSE EmmaF30.03.1882MUnpaid domestic dutiesTasburgh Road Cottages, Tharston, Tharston-
287309675DYE Claud J M12.02.1892MInsurance clerkVittoria, TharstonWartime role: A.R.P. Warden
287319775DYE Norah G F30.10.1900MUnpaid domestic dutiesVittoria, TharstonWartime role: Evacuation Billeting Officer
287329876GEORGE WilliamM03.10.1881MHorseman heavy workTorres Vedras, Park Lane, Tharston, Tharston-
287339976GEORGE Mary VF01.08.1887MHousework unpaidTorres Vedras, Park Lane, Tharston, Tharston-
2873410077GEORGE Albert FM17.06.1909MCowman heavy workPark Lane, Tharston, Tharston-
2873510178BARKER John WM04.11.1882MHeavy farm workerBungalow, Park Lane, Tharston, Tharston-
2873610278BARKER Gladys MF12.04.1892MHousework unpaidBungalow, Park Lane, Tharston, Tharston-
2873710378BARKER Maurice A JM26.10.1916SHeavy farm workerBungalow, Park Lane, Tharston, Tharston-
2873810478BARKER Phyllis M JF03.12.1918SGroom heavy workBungalow, Park Lane, Tharston, Tharston-
2873910578BARKER Gwen M YF18.03.1928SAt schoolBungalow, Park Lane, Tharston, Tharston-
2874010678BARKER Clement JM01.08.1929SAt schoolBungalow, Park Lane, Tharston, Tharston-
2874110779LEIST AlfredM30.08.1899MPoultry farmer & dealerBrookwell, Park Lane, Tharston, Tharston-
2874210879LEIST Murial GF25.02.1901MUnpaid domestic dutiesBrookwell, Park Lane, Tharston, Tharston-
2874310980ALDRIDGE Stuart WM02.04.1905MFarm produce dealer (eggs & poultry) masterModel Farm, Tharston, Tharston-
2874411080ALDRIDGE Freda NF20.09.1905MUnpaid domestic dutiesModel Farm, Tharston, Tharston-
2874511180GOODWIN JamesM08.02.1864MRetired publicanModel Farm, Tharston, Tharston-
2874611280GOODWIN HarrietF07.04.1870MRetired publicans wifeModel Farm, Tharston, Tharston-
2874711381READ William R M01.01.1905MGeneral labourerNo 1 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2874811481READ Elsa E PF17.08.1909MUnpaid domestic dutiesNo 1 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2874911581READ Eleanor D EF17.09.1929SAt schoolNo 1 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2875011682SNOWLING Archibald RM10.08.1892MFarm labourerNo 2 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2875111782SNOWLING KateF05.11.1886MUnpaid domestic dutiesNo 2 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2875211883PINCH HarryM01.01.1876MHedge trimmer .....No 3 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2875311983PINCH Edith F20.10.1877MUnpaid H dutiesNo 3 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2875412083PINCH George DM15.01.1915SFarm labourerNo 3 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2875512184RICHES Phyllis MF25.02.1913MHousewifeNo 4 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2875612284RICHES Gwendoline JF13.12.1936SUnder school ageNo 4 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2875712384RICHES Colin TM13.07.1939SUnder school ageNo 4 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2875812485SEMMENS George WM26.11.1879MGeneral labourerNo 5 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2875912585SEMMENS Lucy AF31.07.1875MHousewifeNo 5 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2876012686HOWELL Frederick WM16.09.1901SYardman on farmNo 6 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2876112786THORPE Caroline LF20.09.1896WUnpaid domestic dutiesNo 6 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2876212886THORPE Kathleen MF15.07.1926SAt schoolNo 6 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2876312986THORPE Dorothy EF05.10.1928SAt schoolNo 6 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2876413086THORPE Frances A RF09.05.1931SAt schoolNo 6 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2876513186THORPE RobertM07.09.1933SAt schoolNo 6 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2876613287HOWELL AliceF16.12.1873WDomestic dutiesNo 7 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2876713388LEMON Harry (John)M13.11.1910MFarm labourerNo 8 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2876813488LEMON FrancesF16.07.1913MUnpaid domestic dutiesNo 8 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2876913589SEMMENS MaryF24.08.1910MHousewifeNo 9 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2877013690BAILEY James EM27.12.1881MFarm workerNo 10 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2877113790BAILEY Hannah EF16.07.1883MDomestic dutiesNo 10 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2877213890BAILEY Edward GM04.04.1917SFarm workerNo 10 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2877313990BAILEY DavidM07.08.1927SAt schoolNo 10 Council House, Highfield, Tharston, Tharston-
2877414091HARDESTY Eliza AF12.03.1873WFarmerHill Farm, Station Road, Tharston-
2877514191HARDESTY Gertrude EF28.12.1906SDomestic dutiesHill Farm, Station Road, Tharston-
2877614292POTTER Alborough WM22.01.1895MFarmer heavy workCuidad Rodrigo Farm, Tharston-
2877714392POTTER LucyF15.09.1885MUnpaid domestic dutiesCuidad Rodrigo Farm, Tharston-
2877814493HARDESTY Albert C M14.07.1902MFarmerSantareen, Tharston, Tharston-
2877914593HARDESTY Gladys M F26.09.1896MUnpaid domestic dutiesSantareen, Tharston, Tharston-
2878014693HARDESTY Charles AM05.02.1931SAt schoolSantareen, Tharston, Tharston-
2878114793DYER Joan EF10.08.1925SAt schoolSantareen, Tharston, Tharston-
2878214894BRIGGS FredM23.03.1872SFarm labourer2 Santareen, Tharston, Tharston-
2878314995PRENTICE Annie EF30.01.1886MHousehold dutiesNo. 1 C.H. Chequers Road, Tharston-
2878415095PRENTICE Robert FM01.09.1925SFarm labourerNo. 1 C.H. Chequers Road, Tharston-
2878515195PRENTICE Rose EF13.06.1927SSchool girlNo. 1 C.H. Chequers Road, Tharston-
2878615296SHELDRAKE BertieM14.08.1902SCowmanNo. 2 C.H. Chequers Road, Tharston-
2878715396SHELDRAKE EstherF19.09.1877WHouse dutiesNo. 2 C.H. Chequers Road, Tharston-
2878815496CROSSE Kate EF01.01.1906WUnpaid domestic dutiesNo. 2 C.H. Chequers Road, Tharston-
2878915596CROSSE Marie EF13.06.1930SAt schoolNo. 2 C.H. Chequers Road, Tharston-
2879015697JOHNSON Herbert RM17.08.1886MFarm carterNo. 3 C.H. Chequers Road, Tharston-
2879115797JOHNSON Rose M A F11.04.1898MUnpaid domestic dutiesNo. 3 C.H. Chequers Road, Tharston-
2879215898HOWELL SidneyM21.03.1896MFarm labourerNo. 4 C.H. Chequers Road, Tharston-
2879315998HOWELL BeatriceF17.02.1908MUnpaid domestic dutiesNo. 4 C.H. Chequers Road, Tharston-
2879416099HYLTON Edward M06.10.1877MCorn & flour millerOak Tree Farm, Tharston-
2879516199HYLTON LilianF19.09.1885MUnpaid domestic dutiesOak Tree Farm, Tharston-
28796162100NEEVE SusanF26.02.1879SHouseholderChequers Road, Tharston-
28797163101LEGOOD CharlesM06.05.1890MFarm labourerMeadows, TharstonWartime role: Air Raid Warden
28798164101LEGOOD Anna EF31.01.1890MDomestic dutiesMeadows, TharstonAddress: Meadows
28799165101LEGOOD Ivy EF24.07.1921SShop assistantMeadows, TharstonAddress: Meadows
28800166102BUTTON Thomas W M30.10.1893MAgricultural wheelwright-Wartime role: Air Raid Warden (Parttime)
28801167102BUTTON MabelF04.07.1899MUnpaid domestic duties--
28802168102BUTTON John H M29.10.1928SAt school--
28803169103WILSON William EM29.12.1909MFarmer & publicanChequers Inn, Tharston-
28804170103WILSON Mabel EF28.02.1910MUnpaid domestic dutiesChequers Inn, Tharston-
28805171104RAINGER Herbert HM24.10.1888MFarmer heavy workerOpposite Chequers, The Poplars, TharstonWartime role: Head Air Raid Warden Group 12 Depwade A
28806172104RAINGER Lucy MF01.06.1889MHousewifeOpposite Chequers, The Poplars, Tharston-
28807173104HAVERS CharlesM07.11.1860WFarmer retiredOpposite Chequers, The Poplars, Tharston-
28808174104BURKMAR Leslie CM03.05.1917SHorseman farm heavy workerOpposite Chequers, The Poplars, Tharston-
28809175104HOUTBY AlbertM10.03.1885SPublic works foremanOpposite Chequers, The Poplars, Tharston-
28810176105BUTCHER John WM24.03.1870MFarm labourerOpposite Chequers, Tharston-
28811177105BUTCHER Mary EF28.06.1879MHouseworkOpposite Chequers, Tharston-
28812178106GOOSE Mary AF??.12.1856WHouseworkOpposite Chequers, Tharston-
28813179106AMOS Stanley JM05.11.1903STractor driver heavy workerOpposite Chequers, Tharston-
28814180107DRING Richard DM06.04.1909Rating officer & rent collectorClints Barn Farm, Tharston-
28815181107DRING Annie CF07.04.1869Unpaid domestic dutiesClints Barn Farm, Tharston-
28816182108SMITH Walter HM30.07.1893MFarmer & dairymanNo 6 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28817183108SMITH Ivy DF29.06.1891MUnpaid domestic dutiesNo 6 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28818184109HOWES GeorgeM24.09.1894MMarket gardenerNo 5 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28819185109HOWES Rachel E F21.04.1891MUnpaid domestic dutiesNo 5 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28820186110BARNES Bertram AM17.08.1888WButcher & farm workerNo 4 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28821187110BARNES Chas WmM09.12.1914SFarm workerNo 4 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28822188110BARNES George B H M22.10.1916SFarm workerNo 4 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28823189110BARNES Betty A S F16.03.1925SChildren's nurseNo 4 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28824190111SEARLE Cecil WM28.05.1907MPainter & plumberNo 3 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28825191111SEARLE Elsie MF27.02.1910MUnpaid domestic dutiesNo 3 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28826192111SEARLE Ann MF20.10.1934SUnder school ageNo 3 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28827193111SEARLE Walter WM11.11.1876WGeneral labourerNo 3 C.H. Picton Road, TharstonWartime role: Special Constable
28828194112WADE Charles AM29.05.1896MRoad workerNo 2 C.H. Picton Road, TharstonWartime role: A.R.P. for N.C.C.
28829195112WADE Agnes MF29.07.1904MUnpaid domestic dutiesNo 2 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28830196112WADE Raymond CM21.06.1933SAt schoolNo 2 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28831197112WADE Brian AM16.11.1838SUnder school ageNo 2 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28832198113GOOSE GeorgeM24.06.1910MCarpenterNo 1 C.H. Picton Road, TharstonWartime role: A.R.P. Casualty Service Depwade R.D.
28833199113GOOSE Violet EF11.01.1906MUnpaid domestic dutiesNo 1 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28834200113GOOSE Sylvia MF10.09.1935SUnder school ageNo 1 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28835201113GOOSE Daphne JF10.07.1937SUnder school ageNo 1 C.H. Picton Road, Tharston-
28836202114CANNELL HerbertM09.11.1880WRetiredPicton Farm Tharston, Tharston-
28837203114ALDRIDGE MariaF10.03.1862WPensionerPicton Farm Tharston, Tharston-
28838204114ALDRIDGE Shreve (Maria)F07.04.1899SHousekeeperPicton Farm Tharston, Tharston-
28839205114ALDRIDGE Albert EM28.10.1904SLand workerPicton Farm Tharston, Tharston-
28840206114CANNELL GraceF12.09.1911SLand workerPicton Farm Tharston, Tharston-
28841207114CANNELL Herbert I M10.03.1919SButcherPicton Farm Tharston, Tharston-
28842208115BLAKE Leonard CM30.07.1901MHead horseman on farmHall Cottages Tharston, Tharston-
28843209115BLAKE Eva MF02.12.1898MHousewifeHall Cottages Tharston, Tharston-
28844210116TODD WilliamM04.05.1872MCowman2 Hall Cottages Tharston, Tharston-
28845211116TODD George S M04.06.1913SCowman2 Hall Cottages Tharston, Tharston-
28846212117HOLMAN PalmerM01.11.1869MDairy farmerTharston Hall, Tharston-
28847213117HOLMAN Harriet MF21.08.1867MUnpaid domestic dutiesTharston Hall, Tharston-
28848214117CRISP HoraceM09.03.1904MCowman assisting fatherTharston Hall, Tharston-
28849215117CRISP Irene AF08.08.1906MUnpaid domestic dutiesTharston Hall, Tharston-
28850216117CRISP Reginald J HM16.08.1926SAt schoolTharston Hall, Tharston-
28851217118ELLWOOD Leonard EM20.06.1912MCounty roadmanElboden Cottage, Tharston-
28852218118ELLWOOD MargaretF27.03.1916MSack machinistElboden Cottage, Tharston-
28853219119GOWING Jane EF07.04.1847SUnpaid domestic dutiesElboden, Tharston-
28854220119GOWING Fanny RF01.11.1871MUnpaid domestic dutiesElboden, Tharston-
28855221119GOWING ReginaldM02.06.1892MFarmerElboden, Tharston-
28856222119PINNOCK Richard R WF03.11.1906MDomestic duties unpaidElboden, Tharston-


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