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From Tharston to Australia

The internet and email are wonderful things, abused by some but for many they bring people together for good reasons. It was a contact from a man in Australia that prompted the work outlined below. Phil, from Australia, contacted us about his ancestor who he thought was from Tharston. His 2x great grandfather, a William Hunt, was transported to the colonies in 1853, following several appearances in court for a string of misdemeanours. This contact has led to a joint project to produce a booklet about the life and times of William Hunt.

On 7th February 2022, Phil Buzzard met up with Hunt family members that still live on the original William Hunt’s “Norfolk Farm” to show them the booklet that had been produced and to see if they had any further information.

Below are links to the information that has come from the project:

Versions and information

William Hunt - descendant narrative

Family Historian’ is the genealogy progam used to store all the family data held. The oldest member of the Hunt family tree is Henry Hunt, born c. 1755, and you can view his descendant narrative produced by Family Historian. Please note that all place names are within Norfolk, England unless another county is given.(Last updated 24 Jan 2022.)

Family members

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William Hunt & Catherine (Murphy)
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Stephen Harold Sheridan
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Margaret Adelaide Sheridan (Hunt)
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Millar Buzzard
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Margaret Mary Buzzard (Sheridan)
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Brian Sheridan Buzzard
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Don Roulston Buzzard (Dymock)

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Entrance to Norfolk Farm (2022)

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Norfolk Farm from the air (1964)

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Phil Buzzard and Keith Hunt (2022)

Phil and Keith, seen above, share William Hunt as a common ancestor, their 2x great grandfather and great grandfather respectively, making them second cousins once removed. Keith lives at “Norfolk Farm” where William started farming in 1880.

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