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  2. Parish Codes:
    Ashwellthorpe (ASHW) : Botesdale (BOTE)
    Diss (DISS) : East Harling (EHAR)
    Fersfield (FERS) : Forncett *** (FORN)
    Forncett St. Mary (FStM) : Forncett St. Peter (FStP)
    Fressingfield (FRES) : Fundenhall (FUND)
    Hapton (HAPT) : Newton Flotman (NEWF)
    North Lopham (NLOP) : Roydon (ROYD)
    Saxlingham *** (SAXL) : Saxlingham Nethergate (SAXN)
    Saxlingham Thorpe (SAXT) : Shelfanger (SHLF)
    Shotesham *** (SHOT) : Shotesham All Saints (SHAS)
    Shotesham St. Mary (SHSM) : South Lopham (SLOP)
    Swainsthorpe (SWAI) : Tasburgh (TASB)
    Tharston (THAR) : Thorpe Abbotts (THAB)
    Thrandeston (THRA) : Wacton (WACT)
    Winfarthing (WINF) : Wortwell (WORT)

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