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Wacton Burials 1901 - 1950

SQL: "SELECT * FROM Complete WHERE ParishCode='WACT' AND EventType = 'Burial' AND EventYear BETWEEN 1901 AND 1950 ORDER BY ID"

Records found = 9 from 41091
29500PARSONS Sarah29.06.183460-
29767DYE Barbara Hilda10.06.190116 mths-
29768HOLMES Henry28.09.190172-
29769PECK Edward16.03.190267-
29770STIMPSON Sarah02.04.190270-
29771WESTON John Reeve05.01.190345-
29772DYE Martha23.01.190471Union Workhouse
29773PECK Edmund08.02.190479Union Workhouse
29774Le GRYS Alice08.04.190440-


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