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Forncett St. Peter Baptisms 1801 - 1850

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IDNameGenderDoBBaptismFatherFather OccupationMotherMaidenNotes
1466Catherine Cross BREWSTERF-01.01.1809John-SarahCROSSPrivate baptism
1467James CHILDM-01.02.1809James-SarahHUMPHREYPrivate baptism
1468James CLARKEM-08.02.1809James-ElizabethWAITSPrivate baptism
1469George BROWNEM-19.03.1809Thomas-MarthaWOODCRAFTPrivate baptism
1470John SMITHM-07.05.1809Thomas-JemimaCHAPMANPublic baptism
1471William SCOTTM-04.06.1809William-ElizabethPEEKPublic baptism
1472Sarah Aggas CATTERSVILL?F-18.06.1809Jacob-MarthaWOODHOUSEPublic baptism
1473Martha CATTERSVILL?F-18.06.1809Jacob-MarthaWOODHOUSEPublic baptism
1474Thomas POTTERM-25.06.1809John-MaryMOOREPublic baptism
1475Eliza LIGHTNINGF-17.07.1809James-ElizaALGARPrivate baptism
1476Charlotte Eleanor CLARKF-20.07.1809Charles Carver-AgnesBARWICKPrivate baptism
1477Lindy LORDF-01.10.1809Robert-MaryFOXPublic baptism
1478Charles CHAMBERLAINM-14.10.1809Charles-SarahWAILES?Public baptism
1479Jane BLOOMF-10.11.1809John-MarySMITHPrivate baptism
1480George POTTERM-17.12.1809George-DorothyBROWNEPublic baptism
1481Henry BREWSTERM-20.12.1809William-SusannaSPICERPrivate baptism
1482Henry HAMMONDM-11.02.1810Stephen-MaryFELTHAMPublic baptism
1483William HAILESM-04.03.1810James-AmintaMOOREPublic baptism
1484Susanna COLMANF-04.03.1810Jeremiah-SarahGREENPrivate baptism
1485John REYNOLDSM-25.03.1810Charles-ElizabethSEWELLPublic baptism
1486William TANNM-25.03.1810William-MaryHARVEYPublic baptism
1487John TANNM-25.03.1810William-MaryHARVEYPublic baptism
1488Elizabeth TANNF-25.03.1810William-MaryHARVEYPublic baptism
1489Lydia BROOKF-08.07.1810William-MarySWORDPublic baptism
1490William BROOKM-08.07.1810William-MarySWORDPublic baptism
1491Ann MOOREF-22.07.1810William-MaryROBERTSPublic baptism
1492Elizabeth MOOREF-22.07.1810John-ElizabethPOTTERPublic baptism
1493John ALLENM-12.08.1810William-FrancesBUNTONPublic baptism
1494Hannah CHENERYF-12.09.1810Thomas-AnnBAILESPrivate baptism
1495Elizabeth BREWSTERF-09.10.1810Edmund-MaryRUDDPrivate baptism
1496Daniel HOWLETM-24.11.1810Daniel-ElizabethGOODRAMPrivate baptism
1497Elizabeth RUSHF-28.02.1811William-JaneBREWSTERPrivate baptism
1498Mary MOOREF-28.02.1811John-ElizabethCULLUMPrivate baptism
1499Henry Cross BREWSTERM-28.02.1811John-SarahCROSSPrivate baptism
1500Charles BROWNEM-26.05.1811Charles-SarahPALMERPublic baptism
1501Charles CASTONM-09.06.1811James-SarahHOWLETPublic baptism
1502Harriet MOOREF-09.06.1811John-ElizabethPOTTERPublic baptism
1503Mary BROOKF-13.10.1811William-MarySWORDPublic baptism
1504Mary CHAMBERLAINF-13.10.1811Charles-SarahHAILESPublic baptism
1505John MOOREM-03.11.1811James-MaryBAKERPublic baptism
1506Sophia HOWLETF-03.11.1811Joseph-AnnROBERTSPublic baptism
1507Elizabeth CUNNINGHAMF-17.11.1811Catling-ElizabethSPICERPublic baptism
1508Susanna BREWSTERF-24.11.1811William-SusannaSPICERPublic baptism
1509Lydia BROOKF-22.12.1811Robert-Aminand?LONGPublic baptism
1510George LORDM-22.12.1811Robert-MaryFOXPublic baptism
1511Martha HAMMONDF-22.12.1811Stephen-MaryFELTHAMPublic baptism
1512Thomas BROWNEM-05.01.1812Thomas-MaryCOOKPublic baptism
1513Jane BROWNEF-05.01.1812Thomas-MaryCOOKPublic baptism
1514Elizabeth KINGF-12.01.1812Samuel-ElizabethMOOREPublic baptism
1515George HUMPHRIESM-02.02.1812James-SarahBILHAMPublic baptism
1516Edmund BREWSTERM-02.02.1812Edmund-MaryRUDDPublic baptism
1517Sarah TURNERF-29.03.1812Jonathan-SarahBROOKPublic baptism
1518Mary Ann FISHERF-12.04.1812Joseph-ElizabethMOOREPublic baptism
1519John Browne BRADSHAWM-05.05.1812John-TabithaBROWNEPrivate baptism, father vicar of Brandesburton, Yorkshir
1520Samuel BROWNM-10.05.1812Robert-SarahPARSONSPublic baptism
1521David TANN?M-17.05.1812William-MaryHARVEYPublic baptism
1522Emma LIGHTNINGF-17.05.1812James-ElizaALGERPublic baptism
1523George SPARROWM-02.08.1812--AnnSPARROWPublic baptism
1524Esther SPARROWF-02.08.1812--AnnSPARROWPublic baptism
1525Stephen COLMANM-16.08.1812Edward-MargaretOANES?Public baptism
1526Mary Ann HERNEF-13.12.1812John-HannahGOULTY-
1527REEVE SarahF-14.03.1813 Robert Weaver Sarah PEAK -
1528REEVE AnnF-14.03.1813 Robert Weaver Sarah PEAK -
1529SEAGAR MariaF-28.03.1813 William Bricklayer Mary BILHAM -
1530MOORE WilliamM-28.03.1813 William Publican Mary ROBERTS -
1531MOORE EmilyF-28.03.1813 John Husbandman Elizabeth POTTER -
1532BLOOM ThomasM-25.04.1813 Thomas Cordwainer Mary LONG -
1533BROWNE HarriettF-02.05.1813 Charles Farmer Sarah PALMER -
1534KING GeorgeM-11.07.1813 Samuel Husbandman Elizabeth MOORE -
1535FELTHAM Mary AnnF-03.10.1813 William Husbandman Elizabeth KEMP -
1536BROOKS SamuelM-21.11.1813 William Husbandman Rose LONG -
1537BROOKS CharlesM-21.11.1813 William Husbandman Mary SWORD -
1538SMITH MatthewM-20.02.1814 Matthew Husbandman Mary POTTER -
1539MOORE AnnF-29.05.1814 John Farmer Elizabeth POTTER -
1540LIGHTNING FanneyF-29.05.1814 James Farmer Maria AUGUR -
1541MEAR ElishaM-29.05.1814 John Husbandman Emily STACKYARD -
1542BREWSTER LaetitiaF-12.06.1814 Edmund Carpenter Mary RUDD -
1543CHILD HarriotF-26.06.1814 James Cordwainer Mary HUMPHREY -
1544COSTON Mary AnnF-24.07.1814 James Carpenter Sarah KING -
1545TANN SophiaF-24.07.1814 William Husbandman Mary HARVEY -
1546BRADSHAW Mary ElizabethF27.12.181328.07.1814 John Clerk Tabitha BROWNE -
1547HAILES ElizabethF-02.10.1814 James Cordwainer Arminta MOORE -
1548PLUMMER ElizabethF-20.11.1814 James Cordwainer Elizabeth DAWSON -
1549KING SarahF-08.01.1815 Samuel Husbandman Elizabeth MOORE -
1550NICKOLS MariaF-22.01.1815 William Husbandman Roda WILLIAMS -
1551TOOK JamesM-05.03.1815 John Husbandman Martha --
1552MILLER ElizaF-12.03.1815 Thomas -Kezia MILLER -
1553JEFFREY IsaacM-07.05.1815 John -Maria JEFFREY -
1554MOORE WilliamM-14.05.1815 William Husbandman Rebekah --
1555CHAMBERLAIN GeorgeM-14.05.1815 Charles Husbandman Sarah --
1556HEAD JamesM-28.05.1815 Robert Husbandman Sarah --
1557MOORE RobertM-28.05.1815 John Husbandman Elizabeth --
1558MURRELL SophiaF-25.06.1815 James Husbandman Elizabeth --
1559MURRELL AnnF-25.06.1815 James Husbandman Elizabeth --
1560FISHER JonathanM-05.07.1815 Joseph Glazier Elizabeth --
1561LONG Mary AnnF-09.07.1815 John Husbandman Elizabeth --
1562WEST RobertM-16.07.1815 Robert Grocer Ann --
1563HAGAR JamesM-13.08.1815 William Bricklayer Mary --
1564LIGHTNING AnnF-01.10.1815 James Farmer Maria --
1565SPICER Marianne LucyF-03.10.1815 Thomas Farmer Lucy Maria BURROWS -
1566BROWNE CharlesM-03.12.1815 Charles Farmer Sarah --
1567HUMPHRY JohnM-25.12.1815 James Bricklayer Sarah --
1568HUMPHRY JamesM-25.12.1815 James Bricklayer Sarah --
1569NUSON Mary AnnF-04.02.1816 John -Isabella NUSON -
1570LOVEDAY JohnM-11.02.1816 John Husbandman Susan --
1571TYRREL HenryM-05.03.1816 Richard Butcher Jane --
1572BROOKS JohnM-20.03.1816 William Husbandman Mary --
1573BREWSTER Catherine ElizabethF-24.03.1816 William -Elizabeth BREWSTER -
1574KEMP JohnM-18.08.1816 Richard Husbandman Jane COMAN -
1575FELTHAM MariaF-18.08.1816 William Husbandman Elizabeth KEMP -
1576RINGER John MichaelM-25.08.1816 John Farmer Mary Susan BLOOM -
1577MOORE StephenM-22.09.1816 John Husbandman Elizabeth POTTER -
1578BREWSTER WilliamM-17.11.1816 Edmund Carpenter Mary RUDD -
1579KING MariaF-12.01.1817 Samuel Husbandman Elizabeth MOORE -
1580BAKER ElizabethF-23.02.1817 John Husbandman Ann JESSOP -
1581LONG SarahF-30.03.1817 John Husbandman Elizabeth HUGGINS -
1582HART SamuelM-12.05.1817 Edward Husbandman Ann JUBY -
1583MEAR ElizabethF-15.06.1817 John Husbandman Emily STACKYARD -
1584TYRREL HenryM-08.07.1817 Richard Butcher Jane GOODRUM -
1585THANE ElizabethF-27.10.1817 John Husbandman Elizabeth NUDDS -
1586PLUMMER EstherF-09.11.1817 James Cordwainer Elizabeth DAWSON -
1587BREWSTER EdmundM-09.11.1817 William Farmer Susannah SPICER -
1588MOORE JohnM-09.11.1817 William Innkeeper Mary ROBERTS -
1589LIGHTNING JamesM-14.11.1817 James Farmer Maria ARGUR -
1590RINGER WilliamM-07.12.1817 John Farmer Mary Susannah BLOOM -
1591CLARK BenjaminM-18.01.1818 James Husbandman Elizabeth WAITS -
1592TANN JamesM-18.01.1818 William Husbandman Mary HARVEY -
1593GOODRUM SusanF-01.03.1818 --Mary GOODRUM -
1594NICKOLS ArmintaF-15.03.1818 William Husbandman Roda WILLIAMS -
1595ROBERTS FrancisM-31.05.1818 John Carpenter Sarah --
1596BROWNE WilliamM-14.07.1818 Charles Farmer Sarah --
1597THANE Mary AnnF-20.09.1818 John Husbandman Elizabeth --
1598SEAGAR Mary AnnF-20.09.1818 William Bricklayer Mary --
1599MOORE WilliamM-06.11.1818 John Labourer Elizabeth --
1600THANE Mary AnnF-08.11.1818 John Husbandman Elizabeth --
1601LOVEDAY SusanF-29.11.1818 John Husbandman Susan --
1602HEARNE Mary AnnF-27.12.1818 James Bricklayer Elizabeth --
1603HALES RobertM-24.01.1819 Charles Husbandman Hannah --
1604DAN HarrietF-07.02.1819 William Husbandman Elizabeth --
1605BAXTER RobertM-28.02.1819 John Farmer Alice --
1606SMITH MatthewM-02.05.1819 William Husbandman Sarah --
1607CULHAM JaneF-02.05.1819 Nelson Husbandman Ann --
1608MARCON LouisaF12.03.181702.05.1819 Thomas Theodorick Farmer Amelia RUMP -
1609MARCON John BaileyM01.04.181902.05.1819 Thomas Theodorick Farmer Amelia RUMP -
1610RUMP SophiaF05.02.181602.05.1819 Samuel Farmer Elizabeth MARCON -
1611TANN GeorgeM-09.05.1819 William Husbandman Mary HARVY -
1612LONG MarthaF-30.05.1819 William Cordwainer Frances -
1613ELLICE Jane PriscillaF-11.07.1819 Richard Servant Priscilla Catherine POTTS -
1614YELL WilliamM-25.07.1819 Samuel Carpenter Sarah --
1615BLOMFIELD JohnM-08.08.1819 James Baker & Miller Sarah HOWES -
1616DOE AnnF-22.08.1819 William Farmer Sarah SENT -
1617LONG WilliamM-19.09.1819 John Husbandman Elizabeth --
1618LIGHTNING JohnM-14.11.1819 James Farmer Maria ARGUR -
1619BROWNE WilliamM-12.01.1820 Charles Farmer Sarah PALMER -
1620BLAKE Mary AnnF-10.02.1820 Samuel -Sarah --
1621CLARKE SusanF-29.03.1820 Isaac Cordwainer Ann SMITH -
1622PLUMMER SarahF-09.04.1820 James Cordwainer Elizabeth --
1623SEAGAR SusanF-25.06.1820 William Bricklayer Mary --
1624RUDD WilliamM-09.07.1820 Samuel Husbandman Ann --
1625BLOMFIELD JamesM-23.07.1820 James Baker Sarah HOWES -
1626DAN MariaF-13.08.1820 William Husbandman Elizabeth --
1627CULHAM JaneF-20.08.1820 Nelson Husbandman Ann --
1628HERNE CharlotteF-19.11.1820 James Husbandman Elizabeth --
1629FROST Mary AnnF-10.12.1820 Edward Husbandman Mary --
1630GROOM WilliamM-24.12.1820 George Weaver Susan --
1631WISELCROFT ElizabethF-07.01.1821 William Maltster Sarah --
1632HALES SarahF-07.01.1821 Edward Bricklayer Arminta --
1633HALES JamesM-07.01.1821 Edward Bricklayer Arminta --
1634RINGER ThomasM-29.04.1821 John Farmer Mary Susanna BLOOM -
1635MARCON HarrietF-08.05.1821 Thomas Theodorick Farmer Amelia RUMP -
1636LOVEDAY ElizabethF-03.06.1821 John Husbandman Susan --
1637RAYNER GeorgeM-01.07.1821 Joseph Husbandman Lucy --
1638BLOOM JohnM-30.07.1821 Thomas Farmer Mary --
1639PLUMER MariaF-19.08.1821 James Cordwainer Elizabeth --
1640GOWING JohnM-26.08.1821 Jacob Husbandman Elizabeth --
1641GOWING HannahF-26.08.1821 Jacob Husbandman Elizabeth --
1642WESTON ThomasM-02.09.1821 Nathaniel Farmer Emily MEARS -
1643HUNT Emma AnnF-16.09.1821 John Farmer Susannah Elizabeth COPEMAN -
1644THANE JohnM-23.09.1821 John Husbandman Elizabeth --
1645KING ElizahM-30.09.1821 Samuel Husbandman Elizabeth MOORE -
1646FELTHAM ElizahF-14.10.1821 William Husbandman Elizabeth --
1647FELTHAM ElishaM-14.10.1821 William Husbandman Elizabeth --
1648LAIN SarahF-15.11.1821 John Butcher Sarah --
1649TYRREL JohnM-07.01.1822 Richard Husbandman Jane --
1650LONG HenryM-17.02.1822 John Weaver Elizabeth HUGGINS -
1651UTTING WilliamM-23.02.1822 --Mary UTTING -
1652BAKER ElizaF-24.03.1822 John Husbandman Ann JESSUP -
1653FROST Ann MariaF-21.04.1822 --Elizabeth FROST -
1654TANN ElijahM-05.05.1822 William Husbandman Mary --
1655BLOMFIELD HannahF-14.05.1822 James Baker Sarah HOWES -
1656KEMP ElizabethF-09.06.1822 William Husbandman Hannah --
1657BAKER Susannah WalkerF-30.06.1822 Benjamin Husbandman Sarah WALKER -
1658BREWSTER EdmundM-07.07.1822 Edmund Carpenter Mary RUDD -
1659MOORE ElizabethF-01.09.1822 James Baker Elizabeth MASON -
1660FROST ElizaF-08.09.1822 Edward Baker Mary CULHAM -
1661CULHAM SusanF-22.09.1822 Nelson Husbandman Ann HUMPHREY -
1662HARPER JohnM-25.09.1822 John Farmer Sarah --
1663BARTRAM HenryM-09.11.1822 --Mary BARTRAM -
1664SEAGAR ElizabethF-24.11.1822 William Bricklayer Mary BILHAM -
1665MOORE IsaacM-14.12.1822 Isaac Pauper Sarah --
1666DANN SarahF-22.12.1822 William Husbandman Elizabeth REEVE -
1667YELL SarahF-02.02.1823 Samuel Carpenter Sarah --
1668TODD EllenF-16.02.1823 James Farmer Mary BETTS -
1669HUNT Anne ElizabethF-28.03.1823 John Farmer Susannah Elizabeth COPEMAN -
1670MOORE GeorgeM-27.04.1823 William Farmer Mary ROBERTS -
1671HERNE JamesM-11.05.1823 James Bricklayer Elizabeth SMITH -
1672BLOOM RebeccaF-25.05.1823 Thomas Cordwainer Mary LONG -
1673BLOOM CharlesM-25.05.1823 Thomas Cordwainer Mary LONG -
1674NICKOLS AnnF-29.06.1823 William Husbandman Mary LEGGET -
1675BROWNE ElizabethF-06.07.1823 --Mary Ann BROWNE -
1676BROWNE RobertM-06.07.1823 Thomas Carpenter Martha --
1677HOWES JamesM-20.07.1823 William Husbandman Sarah RIX -
1678BUCK MariaF-26.07.1823 John Tailor Maria --
1679SMITH WilliamM-17.08.1823 William Husbandman Sarah AUSTIN -
1680RINGER TabithaF-24.08.1823 John Farmer Mary Susannah BLOOM -
1681BLOOM Sarah AnnF-09.11.1823 Daniel Farmer Mary Ann GENERY -
1682HARPER CarolineF-30.11.1823 John Farmer Sarah COOK -
1683LONG MarthaF-07.12.1823 John Weaver Elizabeth HUGGINS -
1684LOVEDAY ElizabethF-18.01.1824 John Husbandman Susan --
1685BAKER ElizaF-18.01.1824 John Husbandman Anne --
1686FROST Richard FullerM-12.03.1824 --Elizabeth FROST -
1687DANN WilliamM-11.04.1824 William Husbandman Elizabeth --
1688LIGHTNING MaryF-02.05.1824 James Farmer Maria --
1689THANE JohnM-05.05.1824 John Husbandman Elizabeth --
1690FROST JamesM-25.07.1824 John Husbandman Mary LEGGET -
1691RUDD SarahF-30.08.1824 Samuel Husbandman Ann --
1692TANN ElishaM-10.10.1824 William Husbandman Mary --
1693PERFITT JamesM-27.10.1824 Robert Shopkeeper Anna --
1694FROST ElizabethF-21.11.1824 Edward Baker Mary CULHAM -
1695HARPER CarolineF-12.12.1824 John Farmer Sarah COOK -
1696HERNE SarahF-23.01.1825 James Bricklayer Elizabeth SMITH -
1697TYRREL RebeccaF-31.01.1825 Richard Husbandman Jane --
1698HUMPHREY MaryF-13.02.1825 James Bricklayer Sarah BILHAM -
1699HUMPHREY JohnM-13.02.1825 James Bricklayer Sarah --
1700HUMPHREY WilliamM-13.02.1825 James Bricklayer Sarah --
1701HUMPHREY LucyF-13.02.1825 James Bricklayer Sarah --
1702BROOKS RobertM-20.02.1825 John Weaver Mary --
1703NICKOLS MaryF-17.04.1825 William Husbandman Mary LEGGET -
1704BLOMFIELD WilliamM-22.05.1825 William Farmer Elizabeth --
1705BLOOM Mary AnnF-31.07.1825 Thomas Farmer Mary MILLER -
1706RINGER DanielM-31.07.1825 John Farmer Mary Susanna BLOOM -
1707CULHAM JohnM-18.09.1825 Nelson Husbandman Ann --
1708NUDDS SamuelM-18.09.1825 John Husbandman Mary --
1709HALES SophiaF-25.09.1825 George Husbandman Frances --
1710HAMOND GeorgeM-06.10.1825 Stephen Husbandman Mary --
1711PERFITT Anna CharlotteF-28.10.1825 Robert Shopkeeper Anna --
1712FULLER BenjaminM-18.12.1825 Richard Shop Man Elizabeth FROST -
1713HALES SarahF-25.12.1825 Edward Bricklayer Lucy BILHAM -
1714LONG ElizabethF-10.01.1826 John Husbandman Elizabeth HUGGINS -
1715SMITH WilliamM-22.01.1826 William Husbandman Sarah AUSTIN -
1716BROOKS JamesM-22.04.1826 John Cordwainer Letitia --
1717DANN HarrietF-07.05.1826 William Husbandman Elizabeth --
1718ALEXANDER WilliamM-04.06.1826 William Weaver Ann --
1719KEMP Mary AnnF-06.08.1826 --Mary KEMP -
1720LOVEDAY MariaF-06.08.1826 John Husbandman Susan --
1721THANE JamesM-15.10.1826 John Husbandman Elizabeth --
1722BLOOM DanielM-16.10.1826 Thomas Farmer Mary MILLER -
1723CULHAM HannahF-22.10.1826 Nelson Husbandman Ann --
1724BUNN ElizabethF-11.02.1827 Charles Weaver Elizabeth --
1725LAND WilliamM-11.02.1827 James Bricklayer Rachel --
1726BOLTON CurtisM-25.02.1827 Samuel Gardener Rachel --
1727HALES EdwardM-05.03.1827 John Carpenter Elizabeth --
1728BLOOM HannahF-25.03.1827 --Mary Ann BLOOM -
1729RINGER RobertM-25.03.1827 Robert Fowl Dealer Mary --
1730RINGER MaryF-25.03.1827 Robert Fowl Dealer Mary --
1731RINGER JohnM-25.03.1827 Robert Fowl Dealer Mary --
1732FROST JamesM-25.03.1827 Edward Baker Mary --
1733MOORE JamesM-01.07.1827 James Baker Elizabeth --
1734LIGHTNING ThomasM-22.07.1827 James Farmer Maria --
1735HOWLET AmbroseM-29.07.1827 William Cordwainer Phillis --
1736NICHOLS NoahM-27.08.1827 William Labourer Mary --
1737MOORE WilliamM-13.09.1827 Isaac Labourer Sarah --
1738FROST RichardM-13.09.1827 William Labourer Ann --
1739GARROD Hannah ElizabethF-30.09.1827 John Labourer Susan --
1740KING CharlotteF-21.10.1827 John Weaver Harriet --
1741LONG JohnM-04.11.1827 John Weaver Elizabeth --
1742GOODRUM Mary AnnF-08.11.1827 John Newson Farmer Mary HARDY -
1743DAN ElizaF-18.11.1827 William Husbandman Elizabeth --
1744SMITH JamesM-02.04.1828 William Husbandman Sarah --
1745RINGER ThomasM-13.04.1828 John Farmer Sarah --
1746RINGER BenjaminM-13.04.1828 John Farmer Sarah --
1747SMITH RobertM-13.04.1828 James Labourer Mary --
1748LAIN JamesM-29.06.1828 John Butcher Sarah --
1749FULLER RobertM-06.07.1828 Richard Shop Man Elizabeth --
1750MOORE Mary AnnF-07.09.1828 Isaac Weaver Sarah --
1751NICHOLS ElizabethF-14.09.1828 William Labourer Mary --
1752LIGHTNING WilliamM-21.12.1828 James Farmer Maria --
1753BROOKS ThomasM-22.02.1829 John Weaver Mary --
1754BROOKS CharlesM-22.02.1829 John Weaver Mary --
1755HOLDEN JosephM-22.02.1829 Joseph Weaver Anne --
1756MANN WilliamM-22.02.1829 --Elizabeth MANN -
1757BROOKS SophiaF-19.03.1829 John Cordwainer Laetitia --
1758LAIN EmilyF-22.03.1829 Benjamin Labourer Mary --
1759MOORE JohnM-19.04.1829 James Baker Elizabeth --
1760FROST EdwardM-10.05.1829 Edward Baker Mary --
1761KITTLE SamuelM-10.05.1829 Edward Labourer Priscilla --
1762MOORE WilliamM-17.05.1829 --Elizabeth MOORE -
1763LOVEDAY WilliamM-07.06.1829 John Labourer Susan --
1764HAILES WalterM-12.07.1829 Edward Bricklayer Lucy --
1765SNELLING SusannaF-19.07.1829 John Butcher Frances --
1766SNELLING JohnM-19.07.1829 John Butcher Frances --
1767BROWNE Thomas AbleM-29.09.1829 --Susan BROWNE -
1768SMITH JamesM-08.11.1829 William Husbandman Sarah --
1769TYRRELL SusannaF-27.01.1830 --Maria TYRRELL -
1770RUDD Mary AnnF-13.02.1830 Samuel Labourer Ann --
1771BLOOM WilliamM-23.02.1830 Thomas Farmer Mary --
1772KING JamesM-07.03.1830 John Labourer Harriet --
1773BOLTON Maria ElizabethF-02.05.1830 George Gardener Mary --
1774SEAMON RobertM-06.05.1830 Robert Butcher Mary --
1775WICK JohnM-23.05.1830 William Labourer Elizabeth --
1776WICK SarahF-23.05.1830 William Labourer Elizabeth --
1777WEST AnnF-20.06.1830 John Gill Shopkeeper Mary --
1778FROST ElijahM-26.06.1830 William Labourer Mary Ann --
1779HALES ElizabethF-15.08.1830 George Labourer Frances --
1780HOWLET Mary AnnF-22.08.1830 William Cordwainer Phillis --
1781RUDD JohnM-30.08.1830 Samuel Labourer Ann --
1782HOLDEN RobertM-17.09.1830 Joseph Weaver Anne --
1783SNELLING RobertM-03.10.1830 John Farmer Frances --
1784LONG JamesM-10.10.1830 John Weaver Elizabeth --
1785FULLER CharlesM-24.10.1830 Richard Baker Elizabeth --
1786KING Mary AnnF-24.10.1830 John Carpenter Emma --
1787KING EmmaF-24.10.1830 John Carpenter Emma --
1788ATKINS Mary AnnF-24.10.1830 John Labourer Elizabeth --
1789RINGER CharlesM-25.11.1830 Charles Farmer Maria --
1790GOODRUM JohnM-28.11.1830 John Farmer Mary --
1791NICHOLS JohnM-29.11.1830 William Labourer Mary --
1792BLOOMFIELD MilesM-07.12.1830 James Farmer Sarah --
1793DOE GeorgeM-14.03.1831 James Labourer Rebecca --
1794KING GeorgeM-14.03.1831 John Labourer Harriot --
1795TYRRELL RobertM-23.03.1831 Robert Labourer Elizabeth --
1796DAN JamesM-27.03.1831 William Labourer Elizabeth --
1797BROWN RobertM-27.03.1831 Richard Labourer Elizabeth --
1798BROWN EdwardM-27.03.1831 Richard Labourer Elizabeth --
1799WICK MariaF-19.06.1831 William Labourer Elizabeth --
1800MOORE Charlotte SlackF-20.06.1831 --Anne MOORE -
1801BACON SophiaF-22.08.1831 James Farmer Mary Ann --
1802FROST RichardM-18.12.1831 Edward Baker Mary --
1803STANNARD WilliamM-11.01.1832 William Farmer Martha --
1804BILHAM JohnM-15.01.1832 Richard Labourer Hannah --
1805RUDD Mary AnnF-28.01.1832 Samuel Labourer Ann --
1806MOORE SamuelM-05.02.1832 James Baker Elizabeth --
1807GOODRUM ElizabethF-06.02.1832 John Newson Farmer Mary --
1808KNIGHTS ElishaM-09.03.1832 Henry Miller Sophia --
1809NICHOLS JamesM-25.03.1832 William Labourer Mary --
1810BROOKS RobertM22.02.183201.04.1832 John Cordwainer Letitia --
1811SMITH Mary AnnF26.02.183201.04.1832 William Farmer Sarah --
1812MOORE JosephM-07.04.1832 Isaac Labourer Sarah --
1813MOORE AbrahamM-07.04.1832 Isaac Labourer Sarah --
1814TANN CarolineF-24.04.1832 John Labourer Eliza --
1815KING CharlesM-03.06.1832 John Carpenter Emily --
1816ATKINS WilliamM-17.06.1832 John Labourer Elizabeth --
1817KITTLE Edward BenM-22.07.1832 Edward Labourer Priscilla --
1818BETTS Thomas ParkeM-19.08.1832 George Shopkeeper Mary --
1819RINGER WalterM-30.09.1832 Charles Farmer Maria --
1820BROOKES AnnF-14.10.1832 James Labourer Mary --
1821LOVEDAY MarthaF-04.11.1832 John Labourer Susan --
1822ALDRIGE MariaF-18.11.1832 William Labourer Margaret --
1823BLOMFIELD DennisM-26.11.1832 James Farmer Sarah --
1824BILHAM JamesM-30.12.1832 Richard Labourer Hannah --
1825HALES GeorgeM-06.01.1833 George Labourer Frances --
1826BROWN JohnM-03.02.1833 Richard Labourer Elizabeth --
1827DAN EdwardM-17.02.1833 William Labourer Elizabeth --
1828BUSH RobertM-17.02.1833 James Labourer Mary --
1829STANNARD Lucy AnnF-08.03.1833 William Farmer Martha --
1830BETTS Emma ParkeF-12.05.1833 George Farmer Mary --
1831BETTS Adelaide MariaF-12.05.1833 George Farmer Mary --
1832BETTS Martha AnnF-12.05.1833 George Farmer Mary --
1833ELVIN JohnM-12.05.1833 Robert Labourer Eleanor --
1834GOODRUM JaneF-26.06.1833 John Newson Farmer Mary --
1835LONG CharlesM-27.06.1833 John Weaver Elizabeth --
1836NICHOLS KeziaF-14.08.1833 William Labourer Mary --
1837KING CharlesM-08.09.1833 John Weaver Harriet --
1838BACON ThomasM-03.11.1833 Robert Farmer Mary Ann --
1839TYRRELL HarrietF-01.12.1833 Robert Labourer Elizabeth --
1840POTTER Mary AnnF-12.01.1834 Thomas Labourer Mary Ann --
1841BROOKS StephenM-09.02.1834 James Labourer Mary --
1842OLDEN CharlotteF-09.03.1834 --Mary OLDEN -
1843RINGER FannyF-27.03.1834 Charles Farmer Maria --
1844TANN JohnM-04.05.1834 John Labourer Eliza --
1845AUSTIN JamesM-11.05.1834 James Blacksmith Mary --
1846SMITH ElizabethF-01.06.1834 William Carpenter Harriet --
1847ATKINS JohnM-13.07.1834 John Labourer Elizabeth --
1848BROOK ElizaF-05.10.1834 Leonard Farmer Mary Ann --
1849LONG ThomasM-02.11.1834 John Weaver Elizabeth --
1850COLMAN Henry LesterM-02.12.1834 Henry Farmer Sarah LING -
1851BILHAM WilliamM-14.12.1834 Richard Labourer Hannah --
1852HALES Mary AnnF-14.12.1834 Edward Bricklayer Lucy --
1853HALES EldonM-14.12.1834 Edward Bricklayer Lucy --
1854KING AlfredM-08.03.1835 John Carpenter Emily --
1855BROWN RobertM-08.03.1835 Samuel Labourer Emily --
1856GOODRUM SusannahF-03.05.1835 John Newson Farmer Mary --
1857BRASTER JuliaF-03.05.1835 William Farmer Elizabeth --
1858TOOK ArchibaldM-03.05.1835 William Labourer Maria --
1859MASON William SmithM-05.07.1835 --Mary MASON -
1860BROOKS Rose EllenF04.05.183405.07.1835 John Cordwainer Letitia --
1861THURN Keziah BlythF-05.07.1835 --Elizabeth THURN -
1862BLOMFIELD HannahF-12.07.1835 James Farmer Sarah --
1863HALES JudithF-02.08.1835 George Labourer Frances --
1864YALLOP ElizaF-11.10.1835 Edward Labourer Mary --
1865HALES JamesM-14.02.1836 Edward Bricklayer Lucy --
1866BROOKES CharlotteF-10.04.1836 James Labourer Mary --
1867BACON RobertM-10.04.1836 Robert Farmer Elizabeth --
1868TOOK SamuelM-01.05.1836 Samuel Labourer Mary --
1869BETTS Thomas BanyardM-05.06.1836 George Farmer Mary PARKE -
1870HOWLETT Louisa EmmaF-12.06.1836 William Shoemaker Phillis DEATH -
1871COLMAN Thomas GreenM-10.07.1836 Henry Farmer Sarah Ling --
1872SMITH JaneF-10.07.1836 William Carpenter Harriet --
1873NICHOLS SarahF-07.08.1836 William Labourer Mary --
1874SMART AnnF-07.08.1836 --Elizabeth SMART -
1875BROOKES SarahF-04.09.1836 John Cordwainer Letitia --
1876TANN ElizabethF-04.09.1836 John Labourer Eliza --
1877BREWSTER CollinM-02.10.1836 --Catherine BREWSTER -
1878ELVIN SarahF-05.12.1836 Robert Labourer Eleanor --
1879HUMPHREYS MariaF10.10.182711.12.1836 James Bricklayer Sarah BILHAM -
1880HUMPHREYS SarahF25.08.182811.12.1836 James Bricklayer Sarah BILHAM -
1881HUMPHREYS EmmaF11.01.183311.12.1836 James Bricklayer Sarah BILHAM -
1882LOYD Hannah ElizabethF-08.01.1837 George Farmer Ann --
1883BAKER Mary AnnF-08.01.1837 --Ann BAKER -
1884KITTLE JamesM-05.02.1837 Edward Labourer Priscilla --
1885SMITH MatthewM-05.03.1837 Matthew Labourer Mary --
1886RINGER StephenM-05.03.1837 --Phoebe RINGER -
1887BILHAM MaryF-05.03.1837 Richard Labourer Hannah --
1888BROOKES WilliamM-05.03.1837 Robert Cordwainer Maria --
1889SMITH JohnM-05.03.1837 John Labourer Eunice --
1890HAMMOND Mary AnnF-30.04.1837 William Carpenter Mary Ann --
1891POTTER ThomasM-14.05.1837 Thomas Labourer Mary Ann --
1892KING AmeliaF-14.05.1837 John Carpenter Emily --
1893AUSTIN Sarah AnnF-14.05.1837 James Blacksmith Mary --
1894WICK JamesM-14.05.1837 William Labourer Elizabeth --
1895LONG CharlesM-11.06.1837 John Weaver Elizabeth --
1896SMITH JohnM-11.06.1837 William Labourer Sarah --
1897TUBBY JonathanM-13.06.1837 --Frances TUBBY -
1898HUMPHREYS SarahF-25.06.1837 George Bricklayer Sarah --
1899HUMPHREYS HannahF-25.06.1837 George Bricklayer Sarah --
1900HUMPHREYS ElizaF-25.06.1837 George Bricklayer Sarah --
1901NICHOLS WilliamM-06.07.1837 William Labourer Mary --
1902GOODRUM EmmaF-20.09.1837 John Newson Farmer Mary --
1903BAILEY JohnM-01.10.1837 Robert Farmer Mary Ann --
1904WARD MaryF-01.10.1837 --Mary WARD -
1905RACKHAM SamuelM-19.10.1837 --Elizabeth RACKHAM -
1906HALES JamesM-10.12.1837 Edward Bricklayer Lucy --
1907BROWN WilliamM-07.01.1838 Samuel Labourer Emily --
1908LOVEDAY JohnM-07.01.1838 John Labourer Lydia --
1909BROWN JohnM-07.01.1838 William Carpenter Elizabeth --
1910TANN ElizaF-01.04.1838 John Labourer Eliza --
1911BACON ElizaF-13.05.1838 Robert Farmer Elizabeth --
1912HUGGENS ThomasM-13.05.1838 Thomas Farmer Susan --
1913BROOKES JohnM-13.05.1838 Robert Cordwainer Maria --
1914WOMACK Martha Ann NewsonF-14.09.1838 John Farmer Hannah --
1915HALES ElizaF-11.11.1838 George Labourer Frances --
1916COLMAN GeorgeM-19.03.1839 Henry Farmer Sarah --
1917LOVEDAY WilliamM-14.04.1839 John Labourer Lydia --
1918KING JohnM-12.05.1839 John Carpenter Emily --
1919BROOKES WilliamM-12.05.1839 James Labourer Mary --
1920MANCER MariaF-07.07.1839 Richard Shoemaker Maria --
1921GOODRUM JuliaF-04.08.1839 John Newson Farmer Mary --
1922LIGHTNING HarriettF-13.10.1839 --Anne LIGHTNING -
1923RINGER WilliamM-02.02.1840 John Michael Farmer Mary --
1924CORNISH JohnM-01.03.1840 Samuel Shoemaker Elizabeth --
1925TOOK FrederickM-12.04.1840 Samuel Labourer Mary Ann --
1926JOLLY LouisaF-12.04.1840 Henry Labourer Maria --
1927BUSH JamesM-02.08.1840 Noah Labourer Eliza --
1928WEST MaryF-02.08.1840 John Gill Shopkeeper Mary --
1929CASTON JamesM-13.09.1840 Charles Carpenter Martha --
1930POTTER EmmaF-03.01.1841 Thomas Labourer Marianne --
1931JOLLY WilliamM-22.01.1841 Robert Shop Man Mary --
1932TYRRELL RobertM-29.03.1841 Robert Labourer Elizabeth --
1933BILHAM RichardM-04.04.1841 Richard Labourer Hannah --
1934LOVEDAY JamesM-04.04.1841 John Labourer Lydia --
1935HALES WilliamM-04.04.1841 George Labourer Frances --
1936ELVIN RobertM-08.04.1841 Robert Labourer Eleanor --
1937BROOKES BenjaminM-02.05.1841 James Labourer Mary --
1938NICHOLS KeziaF-06.06.1841 William Labourer Mary --
1939BLOOM GeorgeM-06.06.1841 --Mary Ann BLOOM -
1940TANN Mary AnnF-04.07.1841 John Labourer Eliza --
1941BROOKES RobertM-11.08.1841 Robert Shoemaker Maria --
1942HALES EdwardM-05.09.1841 Edward Bricklayer Lucy --
1943GOODRUM EllenF-07.11.1841 John Newson Farmer Mary --
1944BROWNE WalterM-07.11.1841 Charles Labourer Ann --
1945FROST MilesM-07.11.1841 Edward Baker Mary --
1946FROST WilliamM-07.11.1841 Edward Baker Mary --
1947FROST FreemanM-07.11.1841 Edward Baker Mary --
1948KING JamesM-02.01.1842 John Carpenter Emma --
1949FRISTON WilliamM-02.01.1842 --Emily FRISTON -
1950WEBB CharlesM-02.01.1842 Thomas Shoemaker Emily --
1951KEMP AmeliaF-02.01.1842 John Shoemaker Sophia --
1952KEMP HannahF-02.01.1842 John Shoemaker Sophia --
1953BRIGGS AnnF-02.01.1842 Mark Labourer Ann --
1954BRIGGS SarahF-02.01.1842 Mark Labourer Ann --
1955BRIGGS JohnM-02.01.1842 Mark Labourer Ann --
1956BRIGGS JamesM-02.01.1842 Mark Labourer Ann --
1957OAKLEY SophiaF-02.01.1842 --Sarah OAKLEY -
1958OAKLEY SarahF-02.01.1842 --Sarah OAKLEY -
1959LLOYD RobertM-02.01.1842 Henry Labourer Susan --
1960BALLS CharlotteF-06.03.1842 James Labourer Mary --
1961KITTLE SarahF-06.03.1842 Edward Labourer Priscilla --
1962KNIGHTS Thomas PalmerM-04.04.1842 --Tabitha KNIGHTS -
1963MAYS JamesM-21.05.1842 Robert Labourer Esther --
1964FROST HenryM-05.06.1842 Edward Baker Mary --
1965WEST ClaraF-07.08.1842 John Gill Shopkeeper Mary --
1966BROOKS EdwardM-07.08.1842 Samuel Labourer Marianne --
1967JOLLY William HenryM-07.08.1842 Henry Labourer Maria --
1968FROST Henry NelsonM-07.08.1842 William Labourer Susan --
1969HUMPHREYS EmmaF-04.12.1842 George Bricklayer Sarah --
1970HUMPHREYS MariaF-04.12.1842 George Bricklayer Sarah --
1971HUMPHREYS GeorgeM-04.12.1842 George Bricklayer Sarah --
1972NUDDS SamuelM-09.12.1842 William Labourer Hannah --
1973ELVIN JohnM-09.01.1843 Robert Labourer Eleanor --
1974WILLIAMS Samuel ArthurM-14.02.1843 Frederick Farmer Sarah --
1975WARD Sarah AnnF-04.06.1843 Thomas Labourer Elizabeth --
1976BAKER MariaF-04.06.1843 Robert Shoemaker Maria --
1977BAKER SarahF-04.06.1843 Robert Shoemaker Maria --
1978BAKER ReubenM-04.06.1843 Robert Shoemaker Maria --
1979RAYSON SamuelM-02.07.1843 Samuel Farmer Elizabeth --
1980GOODRUM WilliamM-06.08.1843 John Newson Farmer Mary --
1981BROOKS WilliamM-06.08.1843 William Dealer Mary Ann --
1982TOOK LazarusM-06.08.1843 Samuel Labourer Mary Ann --
1983SLACK MaryF-03.12.1843 John Farmer Ann --
1984GREENGRASS FrederickM-23.12.1843 Daniel Labourer Mary Ann --
1985NUDDS IsaacM-24.12.1843 John Labourer Sarah --
1986BROOKS LiddyF-03.03.1844 James Labourer Mary --
1987RINGER Caroline SarahF-07.04.1844 John Michael Farmer Mary --
1988HALES WilliamM-07.04.1844 Edward Labourer Lucy --
1989WICK MilesM-07.04.1844 William Labourer Elizabeth --
1990WICK ElizabethF-07.04.1844 William Labourer Elizabeth --
1991LOVEDAY Elizabeth BushF-07.04.1844 William Labourer Elizabeth LOVEDAY -
1992BROWNE JohnM-05.05.1844 William Carpenter Sarah --
1993BILHAM HannahF-07.07.1844 Richard Labourer Hannah --
1994BROOKS JohnM-02.10.1844 John Labourer Anne --
1995ATKINS WalterM-06.10.1844 John Labourer Elizabeth --
1996BROOKES AgnesF-06.04.1845 Robert Shoemaker Maria --
1997FROST Sarah LesterF-01.06.1845 --Elizabeth FROST -
1998FROST EleanorF-01.06.1845 --Susan FROST -
1999FROST SusanF-01.06.1845 William Labourer Susan --
2000KING WilliamM-29.07.1845 John Carpenter Emily --
2001GOODRUM Henry NewsonM-07.09.1845 John Newson Farmer Mary --
2002JOLLY WilliamM-07.09.1845 Henry Labourer Maria --
2003GREENGRASS JamesM-05.10.1845 Daniel Labourer Mary Ann --
2004FROST JohnM-05.10.1845 Edward Baker Mary --
2005RINGER Mary SusannahF-12.10.1845 John Michael Farmer Mary --
2006WEBB ThomasM-19.10.1845 Thomas Shoemaker Emily --
2007WEBB EdwardM-19.10.1845 Thomas Shoemaker Emily --
2008WEBB Sarah AnnF-19.10.1845 Thomas Shoemaker Emily --
2009BROOKES WilliamM-09.11.1845 John Labourer Ann --
2010BROOKES Sarah AnnF-09.11.1845 John Labourer Ann --
2011HALES EphraimM-01.02.1846 George Labourer Frances --
2012MOORE ClaraF-12.04.1846 John Innkeeper Sarah Ann --
2013SLACK JaneF-19.04.1846 John Farmer Ann --
2014CHAMBERS Sarah ElizaF-03.05.1846 John Miller Mary --
2015BRIGGS Martha AnnF-10.05.1846 Mark Labourer Maria --
2016CANN RobertM-11.05.1846 --Harriet CANN -
2017NASH ElizabethF-27.05.1846 Spooner Labourer Elizabeth --
2018KING AbrahamM-07.06.1846 John Carpenter Emily --
2019HARVEY Mary AnnF-07.06.1846 James Bricklayer Maria --
2020JOLLY JohnM-18.06.1846 Robert Grocer Mary --
2021ELVIN JohnM-25.01.1847 Robert Labourer Eleanor --
2022JOLLY MaryF-31.08.1847 Robert Grocer Mary --
2023JOLLY HenriettaF-05.12.1847 Henry Labourer Maria --
2024NUDDS JohnM-16.01.1848 John Labourer Mary --
2025NUDDS IsaacM-23.01.1848 John Labourer Mary --
2026NASH AnnF-20.02.1848 Spooner Farmer Elizabeth --
2027NUDDS EllisM-02.04.1848 Samuel Labourer Lucy --
2028BROWN ElizaF-04.04.1848 William Labourer Sarah --
2029BROOKES ClareF-07.05.1848 John Labourer Ann --
2030GREENGRASS SarahF-06.08.1848 Daniel Labourer Marianne --
2031MOORE RufusM-09.09.1848 John Innkeeper Sarah Ann --
2032HUMPHREYS LucyF-18.09.1848 George Bricklayer Sarah --
2033BRIGGS FredericM-01.10.1848 Mark Labourer Maria --
2034LIGHTNING ElizaF-01.10.1848 John Labourer Mary --
2035GROOM ElizaF-01.10.1848 William Labourer Sarah --
2036GROOM WalterM-01.10.1848 William Labourer Sarah --
2037HALES WilliamM-01.10.1848 Edward Bricklayer Lucy --
2038ATKINS EdwardM-01.10.1848 John Labourer Elizabeth --
2039ATKINS WalterM-01.10.1848 John Labourer Elizabeth --
2040ATKINS JamesM-01.10.1848 John Labourer Elizabeth --
2041ATKINS Sarah AnnF-01.10.1848 John Labourer Elizabeth --
2042ATKINS ElizabethF-01.10.1848 John Labourer Elizabeth --
2043SLACK JohnM-01.10.1848 John Farmer Ann --
2044KING RobertM-03.12.1848 John Carpenter Emily --
2045GOODRUM ThomasM-30.12.1848 John Newson Farmer Mary --
2046MOORE Lydia ElizabethF-01.01.1849 Isaac Labourer Sophia --
2047HARVEY CharlesM-07.01.1849 James Bricklayer Maria --
2048MOORE GeorgeM-04.02.1849 Isaac Labourer Sophia --
2049BROOKES ElizabethF-31.05.1849 Samuel Shoemaker Mary Ann --
2050JOLLY SarahF-01.07.1849 Robert Grocer Mary --
2051JOLLY HenryM-01.07.1849 Robert Grocer Mary --
2052BROOKES HarriettF-01.07.1849 William Farmer Marianne --
2053HALES EphraimM-21.07.1849 John Carpenter Elizabeth --
2054WILLIAMS ThomasM-24.07.1849 Frederick Farmer Sarah --
2055RUDD WilliamM-20.08.1849 John Labourer Louisa --
2056WATLING CharlesM-10.09.1849 John Labourer Mary Ann --
2057WATLING EmmaF-20.11.1849 William Labourer Elizabeth --
2058NUDDS WilliamM-03.02.1850 Samuel Labourer Lucy --
2059KING JohnM-20.03.1850 John Labourer Harriett --
2060HARVEY JohnM-25.03.1850 James Bricklayer Maria --
2061GOODRUM WalterM-10.04.1850 John Newson Farmer Mary --
2062GOODRUM RobertM-05.05.1850 John Newson Farmer Mary --
2063AUSTIN VerenaF-05.05.1850 Samuel Blacksmith Maria --
2064TANN Mary AnnF-02.06.1850 John Labourer Eliza --
2065HOWLETT Sarah AnnF-02.06.1850 Daniel Labourer Mary --
2066CHAMBERS ElizabethF-07.07.1850 John Miller Mary --
2067GREENGRASS ElizaF-07.07.1850 Daniel Dealer Marianne --
2068KNIGHTS Thomas PalmerM-01.09.1850 --Tabitha KNIGHTS -
2069NASH MaryF-25.09.1850 Spooner Farmer Elizabeth --
2070JOLLY RobertM-06.10.1850 Robert Grocer Mary --
2071FELTHAM ElijahM-08.12.1850 Elijah Blacksmith Rebecca --
2072HERNE JamesM-08.12.1850 James Bricklayer Marianne --
2073STIMPSON EdmundM-08.12.1850 Stephen Farmer Elizabeth --


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