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442BURGESS James Barsham--The Commonwealth War Graves Commission Grave Report states: BURGESS, Pte. James Barsham, 13555. 8th Bn. Norfolk Regt. 1st July 1916, Age 20. Son of William Burgess, of Upper Tasburgh, Norwich.
437BURGESS James Barsham03.09.1914-Enlisted at Norwich and found medically fit for duty the same day
438BURGESS James Barsham04.09.1914-Posted to the 8th Battalion Norfolk Regiment as private, service number 13555. [There are some references to James being in 9th Battalion but this may well be untrue]
439BURGESS James Barsham04.09.191424.07.1915Served at home until 24.07.1915
440BURGESS James Barsham25.17.1915-Joined the British Expeditionary Force and went to France
441BURGESS James Barsham01.07.1916-James was killed in action on 1 Jul 1916, the first day of the battle of the Somme; on that day the Norfolk Regiment was supporting the Berkshire and the Essex Regiments.
445CUSHION Herbert Ernest1906-Bertie joined the 1st Battalion of the Norfolk Regiment, private 7271, as a regular sometime between June 1906 and 1907 at a recruitment held at Starston
446CUSHION Herbert Ernest1911-He found himself at Begaun, India in 1911. There he would have honed his infantry skills
447CUSHION Herbert Ernest1913-The battalion trooped back to Belfast in 1913 and many of the men went into the reserve but Bertie remained as a regular
448CUSHION Herbert Ernest1914-Went to France in early Aug 1914 as part of the Expeditionary Force
449CUSHION Herbert Ernest24.08.1914-First saw action at Mons on the 24th Aug 1914 but by the 11th of Nov 1914 few of the men who left Belfast remained
444CUSHION Herbert Ernest1915-CUSHION, Pte. B. E. 7271. 1st Bn. Norfolk Regt. 25th June, 1915. F. 29. - from CWGC Grave Registration, INDEX B. 28 DICKLEBUSCH NEW MIL. CEMETERY BELGIUM
443CUSHION Herbert Ernest25.06.1915-The Germans launched an attack using poisoned gas and a series of battles lasted until 25th May 1915. It was probably during this series of battles that Bertie was wounded, dying in a military hospital on 25 June 1915.
451CUSHION Jeffrey1916-CUSHION, Pte. J., 20776. 1st Bn. Essex Regiment. 11th July, 1916. Plot 1. Row A. Grave 10. - from the CWGC Grave Registration of CEMETERY Fr.4 ACHEUX FRANCE
450CUSHION Jeffrey11.07.1916-Died of wounds on the 11th July 1916 whilst serving with the Essex Regiment in almost the last attack of the Somme battle
452EVERETT Arthur Henry10.09.1914-Arthur was pronounced 'fit' for military duties and enlisted in the 9th Battalion of the Norfolk Regiment (reserve) as Private 14835
454EVERETT Arthur Henry10.09.191429.08.1915Arthur served on home soil from 10 Sep 1914 to 29 Aug 1915
453EVERETT Arthur Henry12.09.1914-joined the 9th Battalion of the Norfolk Regiment (reserve)
455EVERETT Arthur Henry30.08.1915-He went to France as part of the British Expeditionary Force on 30 Aug 1915
456EVERETT Arthur Henry10.09.191511.09.1915He was Absent from Alarm Parade 9.10 hrs on 10 Sep 1915 and on 11 Sep 1915 was given the punishment of 3 day F.I. No. 2
457EVERETT Arthur Henry07.10.1915-Declared missing on 7 Oct 1915
458EVERETT Arthur Henry26.10.1915-Declared dead on 26 Oct 1915 as Killed in Action in the Field
459GOOSE Bernard Leonard11.12.1914-Enlisted in the 4th Battalion of the Norfolk Regiment
460GOOSE Bernard Leonard01.09.1915-Transferred to the 9th Battalion Reserve Durham Light Infantry
463GOOSE Bernard Leonard1916-GOOSE, Pte. Bernard L., 7026. 1st.9th Bn. Durham Light Inf. 5th Nov., 1915. - from the CWGC Grave Registration
461GOOSE Bernard Leonard09.09.1916-The 50th Northumbria Division arrived in France just before the 2nd battle of Ypres and took heavy casualties defending the city from attack. Replacements were urgently needed to bring them back to strength. Bernard was one of those replacements. He probably joined them in France
462GOOSE Bernard Leonard05.11.1916-On 5 Nov 1916 he was killed in action
465HARBOUR William1918-HARBOUR, Rfn. William, 608462. 1st Bn. London Irish Rifles. 21st March, 1918. - from CWGC Grave Registration, INDEX No. M.R.20 ARRAS MEM. PART X
464HARBOUR William21.03.1918- Killed in Action
467HAZELL John Frederick1916-TASBURGH (St. MARY) CHURCHYARD. HAZELL, Lce. Cpl. J. F., 19222. Norfolk Regt. 18th Sept., 1916. - from CWGC Grave Registration
466HAZELL John Frederick18.09.1916- He was injured whilst involved in training servicemen. He was taken to a military hospital in Felixstowe, a large establishment at the Cliff Hotel, which was mainly treating the repatriated injured from France. He died on 18 September 1916 from his injuries. He was taken to Tasburgh and was buried in St. Marys Churchyard on 26 Sep 1916
469MATTHEWS Sidney Albert01.11.1915-Joined the Army Service Corps on 1 Nov 1915 at Woolwich and his service number was T/38832 - the 'T' showing he was involved with horses
468MATTHEWS Sidney Albert27.10.1915-Enlisted on 27 Oct 1915 and was found 'fit for general duty' the same day
470MATTHEWS Sidney Albert20.01.1916-Left Woolwich on 20 Jan 1916 for service overseas
471MATTHEWS Sidney Albert21.01.191613.02.1916Served in Egypt from 21 Jan 1916 to 13 Feb 1916
472MATTHEWS Sidney Albert14.02.191608.03.1916Travelled to Mesopotamia from 14 Feb 1916 to 8 Mar 1916
473MATTHEWS Sidney Albert09.03.191627.07.1917Served in Mesopotamia from 9 Mar 1916 to 27 Jul 1917
477MATTHEWS Sidney Albert1917-MATTHEWS, Dvr. Sidney Albert, T/38832. F Coy. Army Service Corps. 27th July, 1917 Age 19. Son of Albert and Ellen Mary Matthews, of Tasburgh, Norwich. IV. A. 11. - from CWGC Grave Registration - INDEX No. IRAQ 6. BASRA WAR CEM. Part II. (M-Z)
474MATTHEWS Sidney Albert15.05.1917-One document states: This man left his unit in the Field on 15/5/17 and the approximate date of embarkation would be the 28th May 1917. (Leave)
475MATTHEWS Sidney Albert28.05.1917-Leave to India from Mesopotamia not to be recorded Under Part II Orders Basra No. 23 / 15.6.17 [What was he doing in India?]
476MATTHEWS Sidney Albert27.07.1917-He died from the effects of heat in Basra, Persian Gulf, on 27 Jul 1917
479RIX Frank Ellis1917-RIX, Rfn. Frank Ellis, 472504. 12th Bn. London Regt. (The Rangers). Killed in action 9th April, 1917. Age 32. Son of John and Fanny Rix, of Tasburgh, Norwich; husband of Annie Gladys Rix (nee Horn), of School House, Brightwell Baldwin, Wallingford. Student at Peterborough Training College, 1904-1906. I. A. 79. - from CWGC Grave Registration for INDEX No. Fr.1185 LONDON CEM. NEUVILLE-VITASSE.
478RIX Frank Ellis09.04.1917-Joined the 12th Battalion London Regiment (The Rangers) as a rifleman, private 472504. He was killed by a machine gun bullet on Easter Monday, April 9th 1917, at Neuville-Vitasse, south of Arras during a battle in which the village was captured from the Germans.
481RIX John Browne1916-RIX, Pte. John Browne, 427995. 58th Bn. Canadian Inf. (2nd Central Ontario Regt.). Killed in action 19th Aug., 1916. Age 31. Son of the late John and Fanny Rix, of Tasburgh, Norfolk, England. N. 18. - from CWGC Grave Registration for INDEX No. B. 192 WESTOUTREW BRIT. CEM.
480RIX John Browne19.08.1916-Served with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, 58th Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) and was killed on 19 Aug 1916 aged 31, less than a year after he joined up.
482WHINNEY Arthur1917-Conscripted in 1917 into the 1st Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment, Private 27610
483WHINNEY Arthur10.04.1918-In 1917 the Wiltshires took part in the attack on Messines Ridge where they sustained 170 casualties. He is recorded as having been captured, unwounded (unvarwundet) but probably gassed, at Messines on the 10 Apr 1918
485WHINNEY Arthur1921-TASBURGH (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD. - WHINNEY, pte. Arthur, 27610. 1st Bn. Wiltshire Regt. 17th Jan., 1921. Age 21. Son of John and Elizabeth Whinney, of Lower Tasburgh. - from CWGC Grave Registration.
484WHINNEY Arthur17.01.1921-After the war he returned to Norfolk but died three years later, aged 21, on 17 Jan 1921. Although not confirmed, it is thought that he died possibly from the longer term effects of the gas poisoning he received in battle.He was buried in the churchyard of St. Mary's Church in Tasburgh.
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